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Like a virgin, Kate Moss struts on the split covers of W dressed up like the Virgin Mary herself in the March 2012 issue. The covers are called the “Good” and the “Bad’. For the “Bad” cover, the supermodel is shown in a provocative manner, wearing a Gucci silk Georgette dress with blood-hued lipstick. Words references like ‘divine’, ‘heavenly’, ‘sinful’, spread on the equally controversial cover while she poses clad in a Vera Wang silk dress, an Erdem habit, and Early Hollywood vintage lace. But one of the most incendiary photos depict the Kate in a white Jill Sander cotton dress holding a dark cross in between her scandalously spread apart legs.

Kate Moss W Magazine Cover

Kate Moss for W Magazine by Photographer Steven Klein


Kate Moss like a Virgin Marry

Evidently, the images have elicited numerous reactions from different sides. Although some fashionistas see it as something that upgrades the level of fashion, conservative groups consider it destructive, degrading and blasphemous. “Clearly W magazine needs to generate some controversy to pretend it matters, so it’s turned to today’s standby and decided to bash Christianity,” says Dan Gainor of the Culture and Media Institute, who gave an exclusive interview to RadarOnline.com “Everything W Magazine has done here, from making the issue the ‘Fashion Bible’ to having Moss hold a crucifix provocatively between her legs, is designed to provoke controversy and mock religion. We get it, hating Christians is certainly in fashion.”

Kate Moss for W Magazine Editorial

Grippingly, W attempted to create twin covers displaying a good and a bad Kate Moss. Granted that W has completely ridiculed religion, surely there must be something they could do to make up for such a big mistake, unless they pretend not to hear all the negative feedback.

“While Moss can be faulted for appearing in this spread, it’s the responsibility of the magazine’s editors not to try to profit by denigrating faith. Instead of high-brow fashion, readers get low-brow bigotry,” he determinedly said. Used to stimulating shock in her outrageous ventures of posing topless or completely naked in the name of fashion and art, Moss has always been able to cause scandal ever since introducing her “heroin chic’ appearance on the runway in the 1990s to snapshots of snorting cocaine with former boo Pete Doherty. But sources say it only made her more rich. She proved to still be on top despite these incidents by winning a model award and landing more projects that made her thankful and her life more fabulous.

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