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When Art and Photography is created by two people together, it has a different sort of affirmation. The idea of finding a creative partner in one another has already happened, versus looking at an Artists work and getting ideas of how that Artist can learn to “find the right one”, “love someone/be loved” or what other Artist is their challenging “other”.

Art has no words, neither a necessary meaning. Aleksey is the Photographer and Marina is the designer from Russia and a part of the International federation of Artists.

If you imagine looking at the ground,and then moving your eyes up to a shopping window; you’ve gone from the option of anything and everything to a set idea of what is happening to be worth something right now. Then imagine looking further up and discovering Art and Photography. That reminds us life is always a mess, and there are people out there who try and put it into perspective.

Their work is inspiring and tough. They do all their work on their own, no matter how artistic they’re making it to be. This means that they even edit their Photo’s themselves. Although, they create the effects manually on negatives without the use of computers. When doing everything on your own, you’re saying no to help through attention and people on your own level.

Some of the categories they divided their work in to are: Erotica, Gothic, Beauty, Strange Games, X-Files, Expression, Fantasy, Dream.

Erotica is internationally known as the distinction of body types, and sexual desires. Gothic is an underground life, which appears as dark. In actuality it is an innocent underground culture that have fair opinions amongst each other. Beauty is undefined, and usually it puts everything in to motion while what is beautiful itself stands still and is in retrospect an illusion of what is modern behind a lot of fear.

It Beauty also allows freedom to make a fool out of concept and make silly out of what once seemed complicated or only belonging to one persons “mind, life and ideas”.

Strange Games is a way of separating themselves from the games we know. There are games that always are played, and those of that people prefer winning all the time, because when it assures you a lot of people played the same games, you’ll have more people on your side; not to forget that each individual, despite this still differs from the other, but that it’s not necessary to display the exact difference all the time. A strange game is not clear on when you have actually won and could be something in the lines of :”I gave you a game, now play it!”.

X-Files, in the language of Art could mean digging deeper in to where you shouldn’t go just by using sexuality and emotions. It could also be the untold truth that just like every other truth needs investigation and time, and to be expressed and told as proper and clear as possible. Expression is used a lot in Arts and Photography, and looking at all the other categories, it is probably more mainstream in this case. Fantasy and Dream are two different categories.

A fantasy is something you choose to believe while a dream is somewhat a collective consciousness or a way to escape in to your own thoughts when unaware. Daydreams and fantasies that lead peoples ideas further and closer to a form of artistic project, life or result in for example a photograph.

Aleksey and Marina have won prizes such as the Grand-Prix Trophy Victoria Trierenberg Super Circuit 2011.

Text by Fashion Photography Blog