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Navy is luxury’s favorite color. It’s better than black, because it’s not that obvious: calming, soothing, though not in a weak and spiritual way.

If you are addicted to design watches, this newest timepiece from the oldest guy of haute horology design, is right for you. The price is 188,000 CHF.

The Badollet Ivresse is limited to 30 pieces and all will be made in platinum: this watch is no featherweight.

With the design in place, Badollet reached out to David Candaux (formerly of JLC) to reverse engineer a movement to fit the unusual case. The result is a hand wind flying tourbillon that uses a cone shaped going gear train to accommodate the curvature. For those who have no idea what this means: it means this amazing piece of platinum can go without movement for 120 hours without being on your wrist.

The Badollet Ivresse watch is an exciting exercise in sleek and daring design.
Its fine lines and contours caress the wrist making a statement that says bold, prestigious and exclusive timepiece.

Badollet teamed up with some reputable names famous for ingenious watch design and engineering to manufacture the masterpiece that is Ivresse.

Eric Giroud the it guy of watch design can be applauded the rectangular case and clean appearance of Ivresse’s dial. Along with David Candaux, formerly of JLC, was instrumental in reverse engineering the movement to fit the unusual watch case. The fruition of Candaux’s efforts is Ivresse’s hand wound flying tourbillon which uses a cone shaped going gear train to accommodate Ivresse’s distinct curvature.

The exhilaration of time stems from its absolute infinity. It is the epitome of elegance of time. The purest expression of time, with no superfluous ornamentation, yet devoid of austerity. With an innate elegance over which time has no hold it revels in the spontaneity of the passing hours.

“It? Is the new finely crafted watch from Badollet: Ivresse. Beneath an apparently understated air lies an uncompromising personality. The gentle curves and softened angles of the rectangular platinum case enfold the wrist in a warm embrace. Its finishes radiate a deep and intense purity that highlight its midnight blue face. The play on contrasts is heightened by the brushed finish of the dial set against the circular satin-brushed chapter ring. The latter appears to be literally suspended thanks to striking light and shadow effects, while the discreetly cut-out hands accompany time in its perpetuall renewed cycle.

The design, pared down to its most obvious and natural expression, celebrates functionality and readability rather than aesthetic excess, as the Badollet griffin appears in solitary splendour at 12 o’clock.
The aesthetic refinement, created by Eric Giroud, is equalled only by the mechanical complexity of this timepiece. The flying tourbillon movement, exclusively designed and developed for Badollet, is deliberately hidden from sight. Visible only through the transparent case-back, the tourbillon carriage recaptures the delicate modesty of vintage watches. The sapphire opening is shaped like the symbol of infinity, in a tribute to time as the universal driving force. Elusive, yet perceptible, immutable and yet exhilarating. In a 21st century fascinated by disorder and the ephemeral, equilibrium is the exception. The fine balance epitomised by this timepiece, Ivresse, represents an art of living favoured only by those who prefer authenticity
to frivolous exuberance.

The exhilaration of precious stones lies in their eternal destiny. A cascade of precious stones sparkles across the skin with crystal-clear tones. The fresh charm of the gems unfurls in a pure limpid aesthetic, reminiscent of the 1930s. The bangle is bathed in diamonds and sapphires flowing endlessly over the wrist, alternating between perfectly aligned brilliant and baguette cuts. Exquisitely crafted in white gold, it transforms the art of jewellery to a vibrant and dazzling treasure. The delicacy of the gems, the quality of the mesh and the absolute discretion of the clasp embody the secrets of French “Haute Joaillerie”. The rigorous geometrical lines provide tantalising glimpses of what lies beneath: an exquisite object
designed to procure endless pleasure; simply begging to be captured.

Used materials:  Badollet.com