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Team USA Olympic uniforms

The Olympic Games 2012: A world-class showcase of strength, speed and style! Italian designer Giorgio Armani has already dubbed this year’s London games the “most fashionable Olympics ever,” but we’ll let you be the judge. See which teams haves the most winning looks, and which ones fall flat … Team USA will greet the world at the opening ceremony for the London Olympics in classic Americana style by Ralph Lauren. Men will wear navy blazers with the Olympic team patch, along with red, white and blue neckties and white pants. Women will pair the blazers with a white dress or skirt and a scarf. The entire ensemble is topped with a French-friendly navy beret.

@AlexFabregas via Twitter

Spanish Olympic team uniforms
Not all uniforms are a perfect 10. Spanish athletes aren’t exactly excited to suit up in the bold red and yellow looks designed for them by Russian manufacturer, Bosco. “Spare the adjectives …” Olympic field hockey player Alex Fabregas tweeted in Spanish on July 17, 2012, sharing a photo of his team’s garish new duds.

Misha Japaridze/Misha Japaridze

Russian Olympic team uniforms
Maybe they’re trying to blend in? Members of the Russian Olympic team also go for gold in red, showing off pieces from their uniform collection designed by Bosco.

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Australian Olympic team uniforms
It’s preppy and polished for athletes down under! Members of Team Australia will trade in their sports spandex for stiff green blazers at the opening ceremony of the 2012 London games. Men will pair the clean-cut look with crisp white trousers, while women look professional in knee-length pencil skirts.

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Italian Olympic team uniforms
Famed luxury designer Giorgio Armani was the mastermind behind the sleek tracksuits Italy’s top athletes will wear to the 2012 Olympic Games in London. Don’t let the lack of color fool you into thinking these black and white looks aren’t patriotic — each polo and jacket is embroidered with the Italian national anthem in gold. Here, the designer poses with athletes wearing the official uniform he created.


Chinese Olympic team uniforms
Chinese athletes suit up in scarlet. The Olympic team will make a bright entrance as they hit up the 2012 opening ceremony in London in red blazers and patriotic red and gold neck-ties.


British Olympic team uniforms
British athletes Phillips Idowu (l.) and heptathlete Jessica Ennis (r.) pose with designer Stella McCartney as they reveal the official pieces British athletes will sport on their home turf at the Olympic games in London. The designer collaborated with sports outfitter Adidas to come up with more than 600 different looks for the team, most of them centered around Great Britain’s flag, the Union Jack.

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Slovak Olympic team unfiform
And you thought Team USA’s berets were bad! Nothing says athletic prowess like a jaunty black fedora. Athletes model the official uniform Team Slovakia will wear to the opening ceremony in London later this summer.

Stuart Franklin/Bongarts/Getty Images

German Olympic team uniform

Team Germany forgoes its traditonal red, black and yellow for more punchy hues — blue and pink.

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New Zealand Olympic team uniforms
The women from New Zealand’s 2012 Olympic team will arrive at the Olympic Village in classic black jackets and neck scarves — a look inspired by the outfits worn by members of the 1948 Olympic team.

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Czech Olympic team uniforms
These uniforms are a work of art — literally. The outfits designed for the Czech Republic Olympic team were based on the abstract lines of Frantisek Kupka’s abstract painting, “Fugue in Two Colors.”


French Olympic team uniforms
Members of the French women’s gymnastic team boast perfect form while donned head-to-toe in red, white and blue.

Clasos/Clasos.com/LatinContent/Getty Images

Mexican Olympic team uniforms
They’re model athletes! Before they arrive at the opening ceremony in London, members of Team Mexico took to the catwalk in a selection of outfits from their 2012 Olympic uniform kit during an official presentation of uniforms in Mexico City earlier this summer.


Brazilian Olympic team uniform
Top athletes from Team Brazil join hands while debuting sporty styles from the official Brazilian uniform kit during an unveiling in Rio de Janeiro on July 12, 2012.

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