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The luxury jewelry line that accompanies fashion designer Oscar de la Renta’s Winter 2012 Collection is anything but ordinary. Glittery necklaces, earrings, and bracelets complement the designer’s clothing line and give the sophisticated pieces a little something extra.

Colorful jewels give this batch by de la Renta a vintage feel, with some pieces so bold that they border on the line of costume jewelry. Visibly inspired by the Victorian era, the amazing colors, stones and form of these pieces are mesmerizing. Though this collection is not necessarily for the woman who prefers minimalist jewelry, the detail and delicacy of these pieces will draw appreciation from anybody.

Though the fall and winter seasons traditionally incorporate darker and neutral tones, Oscar de la Renta tastefully does otherwise. Large bracelets made of leather and gold, large intricate necklaces, and rings encrusted with red, emerald, and aquamarine stones add a touch of color to de la Renta’s overall look. The elaborate pieces can bring even the simplest of outfits to the next level, and they certainly raise the bar for haute couture jewelry.

Many of the pieces, like the diamond-encrusted metallic floral necklace, look like they’re straight out of the 16th Century monarchy. The details in this necklace make it classic Oscar de la Renta: from the engraving and shaping of the leaves, to the cut of the larger diamonds, to the teardrop on the hanging jewels. This piece simply looks fit for a queen.

The use of color in this line is demonstrated beautifully in the multi-stone dangle earrings. Each stone is a different color, size, cut, and lies in a setting of uniquely-detailed gold. The hues of the stones in this line give it the vintage, costume feel, but are also what make it different from other haute couture collections. Just imagine the brilliance that is radiated when the light hits pieces like these earrings.

Deep, beautiful stones like this one are used throughout the collection, and they look exquisite set in the fine, detailed gold. The tiny jewels that frame the stone in this ring are so delicately placed to give the ring just the right amount of sparkle, while not drawing attention away from the stone.

The simple leather used in bracelets like this one may be quiet enough for the minimalist woman, though the detailed plate and reptile skin still give it Oscar de la Renta flair. Not to mention, the color of the leather matches the same theme of the jewels used in this line.

To view the full collection, visit OscarDeLaRenta.com.

Photo Courtesy of Oscar de la Renta

By Nicolle Keogh