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The promise collectionlaunches in support of millennium promise

100% of the proceeds from the African inspired capsule collection will be donated to Millennium Promise, in support of the organization’s goal to halve extreme poverty by 2015. AMSTERDAM, THE NETHERLANDS (APRIL, 2012) The Tommy Hilfiger Group, which is wholly owned by PVH Corp. [NYSE: PVH], is pleased to announce the launch of The Promise Collection, a dedicated capsule collection in support of Millennium Promise, with Katie Holmes as the collection’s international brand ambassador. In her role, Katie will be assisting the company in its efforts to raise public awareness of the plight of African communities living in extreme poverty, and the substantive changes being implemented by Millennium Promise that provide these communities with resources for a sustainable future.

The capsule collection features American design classics reinterpreted with African colors, prints and motifs. All proceeds from The Promise Collection will be donated to Millennium Promise. The limited edition collection will be available in selected Tommy Hilfiger stores across Europe, the US, Mexico and India, in Macy’s and on Tommy.com, as of April 16, 2012.


The Tommy Hilfiger Promise Collection is a unique capsule collection that supports lasting change throughout Africa in conjunction with Millennium Promise – an international non-profit organization, committed to accelerating achievement of the Millennium Development Goals and eradicating extreme poverty, hunger, and preventable disease.

Since, 2009, Tommy Hilfiger has been proud to be a part of Millennium Promise and the MILLENNIUM VILLAGES PROJECT supporting communities throughout Africa. As part of our commitment, 100% of the proceeds from our Promise Collection are committed to the development of sustainable communities in the hope of making long term changes that will benefit generations.


When you buy something from the Tommy Hilfiger Promise Collection, you’re supporting a brighter future for Africa. 100% of proceeds from your purchase are committed to the development of sustainable communities, in the hope of making long term changes that benefit generations.

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