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Photo courtesy of Brian Atwood

Arguably the most intimate act is currently on display on every street corner, billboard, and television set for everyone to see. Everywhere we look, there is sex, or sexy people seductively posing with often unexciting products. Advertisers bank on the fact that people like sex, so they associate beautiful people with the product they are selling, subliminally suggesting that it will get you laid. That is advertising, sex sells. But luxury shoe designer, Brian Atwood’s latest campaign featuring a scantily clad Candice Swanepoel and a few other nude models is now being considered a little too sexy to play on the inside of New York City taxi cabs, where grandmothers and small children will potentially be scarred for life.

When asked by Fashionista.com about the reasoning behind his campaign’s banning, he feigned ignorance and answered, “I don’t understand why it’s controversial”. His claim that the hullabaloo he created was unintentional is actually a lot shadier and (in my opinion) more offensive than the orgy— suggesting campaign. Perhaps it could have been argued that he was honestly oblivious, but Atwood contradicted his own assertion by later comparing the collection of ads to the explosive (and very controversial) new romance novel Fifty Shades of Grey.

More than likely, the controversy is exactly what he and his advertising team were going for. And who can blame them? Any publicity is good publicity after all. The advertisement is pretty suggestive though —some even go so far as to label it “soft-core porn” but Atwood rebukes those critics, saying “they obviously haven’t seen a porn in a while.” So there you have it, in his endless attempt to sell his pricy footwear, Brian Atwood has succeeded in getting New York’s attention by stepping on a few prudish toes.

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By Sally Farris