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Photo Courtesy of Burberry

Feast your eyes on luxury brand Burberry’s new upbeat collection that comes in an array of bright hues and fun designs. By incorporating youthful prints and edgy fabrics (such as metallic Napa leather, metallic silk, leather, lace and silk satin) with classic cuts, designer Christopher Bailey was able to effortlessly ooze power and energy into his collection while maintaining the timeless elegance that Burberry is known for.

When discussing the direction of the Burberry collection, Bailey told WWD, “I wanted it playful, sassy and joyous with colors so intense you wring them out.” This futuristic collection couples the unconventional combination of sexy corsets with capes and coats, creating outfits that are playful yet elegant. Burberry’s runway looks alternate between fitted and structured champagne or ivory-colored trenches paired with caplets, and purple and hot pink shiny metallic fabrics cut into short-sleeved shirts or pleated strapless dresses. Basically, every fashion fanatic has something to drool over.

In reference to the new Burberry Prorsum Spring/Summer 2013 runway collection and the latest warning of a slowdown in sales, Bailey explains, “You need to do things that make people smile, to have a point of view. And if you work with integrity and honesty, you can ride out the challenges.”

Bailey named British photographer Norman Parkinson— more specifically his 1940s photos of women in corsetry— as the inspiration for these simultaneously beautiful and sexy Burberry outfits. With a clear reference to vintage designs, the Prorsum garments feature cocoon capes that end mid-arm and shimmering metallic bodysuits paired with siren red lipstick, leaving you with a finished look that truly embodies the modern day seductress.

Upon closer inspection the lingerie references become even more apparent with bustiers built into fitted tuxedo jackets, trench coats with corseted panels that beautifully showcase the feminine figure, and voluminous tops matched with practically nonexistent bottoms.

By incorporating cutting-edge designs with timeless pieces, all the while remaining faithful to the classic style codes that have made Burberry a leader in the fashion world, this new collection succeeds in an area where many others have failed— merging the future of fashion with tradition.

By Annalisa Solari