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Blue Elephant was started 30 years ago in 1980, by Khun Nooror Somany Steppe, a Thai living with her Belgian husband Mr. Karl Steppe, in Brussels, where the first Blue Elephant was opened. With a passion for Thai cooking, Khun Nooror with the support of her husband and other partners quickly established what became one of Europe’s leading Asian restaurants. The renowned Blue Elephant London further established the name, followed by Paris and Copenhagen. Today there are 12 Blue Elephant restaurants serving the best in Royal Thai cuisinethroughout Europe, and the Middle East.One of the top Thai cuisine restaurants chains in the world, Blue Elephant is known by food lovers the world over for its authentic Thai taste, its consistently high standards of quality, and its promotion of the best in Thai culture. A recipient of numerous awards, Blue Elephant has been at the forefront of bringing Royal Thai cuisine and the beauty of Thai culture to people around the world while striving to benefit Thailand and the Thai people. A vast majority of the Blue Elephant workforce is made up of Thai nationals and all the Blue Elephant restaurants are beautifully decorated in array of authentic Thai handicrafts and artwork. A large proportion of the food served at the Blue Elephant restaurants is flown in fresh from Bangkok, handled by Blue Elephant Bangkok Co., Ltd., which maintains an active Thai based supply and trading operation.

Blue Elephant, bringing the best that is Thai to the world, while always looking to promote Thailand.

Nooror Somany Steppe
Founding Partner and Director, Senior Corporate Executive Chef
Blue Elephant International Plc

Nooror Somany Steppe was born in Thailand’s Chachoengsao province from a prominent Thai family of mixed culture. Her father, from Muslim origin, held the exclusive slaughtering concession for the beef trade while her mother, from Buddhist origin, was well known for the delicious curry pastes she made and sold locally. Growing up in these surroundings instilled in Nooror both the love and the skills for cooking authentic Thai cuisine. During this time and her later years of living overseas she also acquired a strong proficiency in creating new Thai dishes with the authentic taste of traditional Thai cuisine. This passion and skill for true authentic Thai cuisine are the important inspirations that brought forth the birth of the purveyor of such food on the world stage, Blue Elephant restaurants.

An opportunity arose when Nooror’s brother, who was studying Hotel Management in Brussels, Belgium, persuaded her to join him and further her education. Her brother introduced her to Mr. Karl Steppe, in whose antique shop in Brussels, Belgium, he was working, and two years later they married and had 3 children. In 1980, Nooror’s good friends and Belgian Thai restaurant pioneers, Mr. Chai Wayno and Mr. Somboon Insusri, convinced her and Mr. Steppe to start up a Thai cuisine restaurant, and thus was born the first Blue Elephant restaurant.

It has been 30 successful and exciting years since the first BIJe Elephant was opened. At present, there are 12 branches of Blue Elephant located in major cities throughout Europe, the Middle East and Asia: Brussels, London, Copenhagen, Paris, Lyon, Dubai, Moscow, Beirut, Kuwait, Malta, Bangkok and Jakarta. Each of these restaurants is decorated in a true Thai style and serves the best in Thai cuisine, allowing its foreign customers to fully experience a-real taste of Thailand.

Nooror Somany Steppe is the inspiration and central person behind the success of Blue Elephant, constantly working as an ambassador advocating Thai cuisine and Thai culture to all whom she encounters around the world.

The Blue Elephant Restaurants

Walking into a blue Elephant restaurant dazzles the senses. It is a world of lush plants and trickling fountains. The scent of tropical flowers mingles with the heady aroma of exotic herbs and spices flown in fresh from the Far East. Blue Elephant is a total sensory concept based on the very best of traditional Thai Beauty, charm and courtesy. Superb Royal Thai cuisine sets the standard of dining excellence requiring expertly trained chefs endowed with great patience, The result is a deliciously diverse, colorful and delicate menu.

Blue Elephant takes restaurant dining to new heights and ensures a most memorable occasion. The restaurant is available for exciting theme parties and complete takeovers.

Highlights of Blue Elephant’s Royal Thai cuisine:

Accomplished Thai chefs prepare dishes with ingredients of the highest quality, flown in fresh directly from Thailand.

Tradition and innovation
Most recipes are centuries old, faithfully handed down through generations. Others are new, creative and unique variations on traditional themes.

Visually stunning dishes artistically presented with carved fruits and vegetables.

Direct from Thailand

The true authenticity of the Blue Elephant is strengthened by the existence of a trading office in Bangkok.

Established in 1984, this office is responsible for the world wide distribution of fresh produce from local Thai markets to all our restaurants.

The Bangkok office is also responsible for the printing of stationery and the purchasing of personalized furniture china, artifacts, etc, adding a unique dimension to the diversity of the Blue Elephant Group.