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If anybody knows Cecilia, they know she has had a passion for fashion since she was a baby.

Since Cecilia received her first sewing machine from her grandmother for her sixth birthday, she has not stopped sewing and creating her designs. Today, at ten -eleven years old Cecilia, is “the youngest fashion designer in USA – and maybe even in the world.”

Over the past four years, Cecilia has taken a few sewing lessons here and there; but, mostly, she has learned by breaking a lot of needles on her machine and ripping out a lot of crooked stitches.

“What you see with Cecilia Cassini is Brilliant Kiddie Couture. When you look at what she makes, it’s obvious she’s designing the clothes that every little girl dreams of wearing.” At her first Trunk Show, Cecilia sold almost 50 pieces in three hours to impressed and eager young girls. “In the coming days and years, more and more kids will be wearing Cecilia Cassini designs.”

Besides being “crazy talented,” she exudes “highbrow fashion and couture mentality.” She loves to experiment with lots of different colors and patterns to create “one-of-a-kind masterpieces.” Cecilia refers to her creations as “masterpieces” because “each dress is unique and one-of-a-kind just like the Mona Lisa and Chanel’s chains.”

Unlike Da Vinci or Coco, Cecilia insists that she does not want to wait until she is an adult to create masterpieces and to begin making a difference. And, why should she? Of course, school is a priority; but, Cecilia still has plenty of time to design and sew.

Cecilia gets her inspiration from lots of people and places like fashion magazines; but, mostly, she listens to her heart and follows her imagination. Cecilia has already, at just ten years old, learned that with enough passion and commitment, anything is possible. Cecilia hopes to inspire all children to believe in themselves and to follow their dreams.

Cecilia was lucky to be discovered and taken seriously by some journalists whom have given her incredible exposure. Cecilia has been featured on several television and newspapers across the United States. CBS news and the front page of the Los Angeles Daily News are just two of many.

“It sounds like she is a prodigy. It’s just not normal to hear of a ten year-old with that kind of passion for fashion design,” says Mary Stephens, Director of Fashion Design at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. Because of the attention, Cecilia has already had the opportunity to actually begin to inspire children. Numerous children have contacted Cecilia to say that because of her story, they are encouraged and inspired: One child said, “just because we are children does not mean we should not or are not able to follow our passions and turn our dreams into realities.”

Most recently, Cecilia has been asked by elementary school teachers to talk to their classrooms to demonstrate that indeed anything is possible. One teacher wrote, “My students loved hearing your story, and I know that it will make a difference for them. They saw that someone their age can do big things when they work hard at something they love. It was especially good for them to see that while you are running a business, you are also taking time to give back to those who have less.”

Cecilia is lucky enough to have a sewing machine and parents who let her cut up fabric to create new fashions and cultivate her talents. “If Cecilia is a child with incredible talent, she is also a kid with a big conscience.” More and more, Cecilia wants to help to make a difference by giving back to charity to help children or anybody to be able to follow their dreams. For example, Cecilia was so moved by the story of a young woman who received a full scholarship to the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles, but who was homeless and did not have a sewing machine to practice on, Cecilia gave her her own.

We hope that this gives you better insight to Cecilia and her story.

This story we found on ceciliacassini.com