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Fashion & Style GuruPhoto Courtesy of Porsche

Our first pick is Porsche’s city bicycles, the Bike RS and S. The company’s penchant for sleek lines and classic curves translates in new ways via these bikes, while also being built from fine materials that make them lightweight and safe (with help from the Magura hydraulic disc brakes). The RS is a 29-inch Racing Sport edition that is built for performance, featuring carbon features in the frame, handlebars, brake levers, and seat post. At less than 20 pounds, the RS can easily be carried around depending on where you need to get and is available in black with Electric Blue accents. The S is a bit heavier but not by much. It boasts a more stable ride due to the hydro-formed aluminum frame, and comes in Carrera white. With the Bike S retailing for $4,449.98 and the Bike RS going for $7,999.99, both models are designed for riders of all sizes, coming in small, medium, and large.

Fashion & Style GuruThe Quadrille Promenade Bicycle by Hermès

Retailing at $4,650, this bicycle from Hermès has a classic and timeless design; one could easily picture Audrey Hepburn riding it down a country lane in a quaint town. The brand began producing bicycles back in the 80s so they were definitely ahead of the game. Aside from the lacquered black stainless steel, the bike frame, handles, and saddle are all wrapped in Taurillon Clemence leather, which gives the overall look a certain elegance that most bikes lack. This one definitely isn’t made for speed like the Porsche bicycles, but it’s certainly what you want for a nice leisurely ride through town.

Photo Courtesy of Hermès

Fashion & Style GuruPhoto Courtesy of CHANEL

CHANEL’s bike is hand-assembled and features one of their favorite sport style accents, quilted calfskin. The seat, as well as three attached bags and chain cover, are all made out of the black calfskin, set in the classic quilt pattern. With an all black color scheme, this bike won’t detract from your outfit, meaning you can pretty much wear whatever you want. Plus, the ladies should be thrilled to discover that there’s even a make-up case to store stray eyeliners and lipsticks in. After all, you never really know when you will need a quick touch up. Just don’t fix your makeup mid-ride.

Fashion & Style GuruBianchi by GUCCI

If you’re a fan of GUCCI you’re going to have a hard time passing this stunning urban bike up. With a black or white carbon fiber frame, each with red and green style accents, this bicycle turns every street into your very own runway. Costing $14,000, the handle bars and seat show off the diamante pattern, with the brand logo appearing on the seat and frame. Not only does this bike look fashionable, especially the white with brown seat and grips, it’s worthy for some serious street riding as it has eleven speeds and hydraulic disk brakes. The pedals are even double sided so they’re compatible with both regular shoes and toe clips.

Photo Courtesy of GUCCI

Fashion & Style GuruBMC’s impec Lamborghini Edition

If you already have a Lamborghini and want a bike to match, this one is for you! The Swiss Bicycle Manufacturing Company (BMC) teamed up with the luxury auto brand to make a unique bike that borrowed all the best Lamborghini characteristics. This customized model was made through a controlled manufacturing process and the company promises it represents optimum performance and precision. Made of carbon fiber materials, the frame is airbrushed in Lamborghini Argos Orange, and has a Lamborghini suede saddle and handlebar, as well as a Shimano D12 electronic shifting system. This innovative bike was made in limited quantities so if you can manage to get your hands on one of the 30 made, each costing around $26,000, we applaud you.

Photo Courtesy of BMC