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betsey-johnsonPhoto Courtesy of Betsey Johnson

Exaggerated prints, neon pops, pinstripe tights, pleats, plaid and frills were all present in the Betsey Johnson RTW 2012 collection— and while you may consider this to be a bit over-the-top, this was actually a toned-down version of some of the previous luxury fashion collections we have seen from this energetic 70-year-old with gymnast tendencies (and talent.)

Fashion & Style GuruThe Betsey Johnson 2012 RTW show clearly drew much of its inspiration from London and the 1960’s with a flurry of herringbone suits, boyish coats and mini skirts alongside flowy maxi dresses, psychedelic prints, and pieces sporting faux fur trim. These undeniable moments of mod all had obvious Betsey flare, and some pieces screamed the designer’s name altogether (a certain gold strapless mini dress with a bouffant skirt comes to mind.)

Fashion & Style GuruWhile this collection boasts a plethora of whimsical designs that are idiomatically “Betsey,” there were a few less flashy pieces sprinkled into the mix, including a cropped and fitted motorcycle jacket and a pair of wide-leg, low-rise trousers. Also on display was a beautiful black and fitted duster jacket.

Fashion & Style GuruWith the cool winter months upon us, remaining sleek and stylish on a day-to-day basis can be increasingly more difficult, especially when fighting off the harsh elements. This Betsey Johnson Fall collection reminds us that fall fashion does not have to simply consist of black, gray and oat-colored numbers— fall fashion can, in fact, be fun and full of life.

Fashion & Style Guru

Fashion & Style Guru

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By Annalisa Solari