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Fashion & Style Guru have been nominated for the Reader Appreciation Award by Le Styliste


Thank you Le Styliste for the nomination!

The rules for the Reader Appreciation Award are:

Link back to the person who nominated you

Attach the icon to your site

Answer the questions

Nominate some other blogger whom you feel deserve this award

Your favorite colour : We love the white colour.

Your favourite animal? Lion

 Your favourite non-alcholic drink? Aqua

Your favourite number? 7

Your favourite day of the week? Every day!

Your favourite flower? Tulip

Your favourite passion? Fashion is a big challenge for us and  we enjoy to explore it. Design is a passion and the art is a way to live

Do you watch television? No

Your favourite author? Carlos Castaneda

Do you like 80s movies? Some of them

What social issues bother you? Hate and the missing honesty between people

How do you like your eggs? Boiled

When did you discover blogging? Long, long time ago…

 Why do you like to blog? Because of the freedom to express yourself and because of the joy to have readers the love youJ

Our Nominations for the  Reader Appreciation Award are:

D. Jacobsohn Designs

Travel Culture Food

Arlen Shahverdyan


We would appreciate if all our friends follow us with Bloglovin too:-)

Thank’s again and Happy and Beautiful Xmas to all!