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Saint_Laurent_spring_summer_2013_campaign56So much personality and attitude can be laid in a simple black and white photo! So much seductiveness and style can be felt from a black and white photoshoot! No wonder, no photoshop effects or sparkling shades can ever compete with a simple colorless shoot and of this fact luxurious fashion house Yves Saint Laurent is more than sure. Trying to create the mesmerizing and gorgeous, the brand has launched the newest Saint Laurent spring/summer 2013 campaign, all in black and white photos, or better to say, just blacks. Australian model Julia Nobis is the one featuring in the Saint Laurent spring/summer 2013 campaign, photographed by Hedi Slimane, the brand’s creative director.

Saint_Laurent_spring_summer_2013_collection7Only being 19 years old, Julia manages to play really right in her debut womenswear campaign done for Saint Laurent. She perfectly symbolizes the ‘70s Californian bold girl of Slimane, wearing boyish silhouettes, oversized floppy hats, capes and leather, tastefully festive looks with lots of sequins. She’s the cool Saint Laurent girl, the black mysterious lady, who makes us instantly fall in love with the Saint Laurent spring/summer 2013 campaign.
Dramatic and magical are the words to describe the newest Saint Laurent spring/summer 2013 collection. It’s all about being unique and iconic, all about rock chic style and masculine classiness. This spring, the Laurent woman is a dandy girl, who is playing utter cluelessness. Maximum sensual, fashion-forward and whimsical, the Saint Laurent spring/summer 2013 collection becomes our sartorial crush for the new season!

Saint_Laurent_spring_summer_2013_campaign3Saint_Laurent_spring_summer_2013_campaign1Saint_Laurent_spring_summer_2013_collection1Saint_Laurent_spring_summer_2013_collection3Saint_Laurent_spring_summer_2013_campaign4Saint_Laurent_spring_summer_2013_campaign2Saint_Laurent_spring_summer_2013_collection2Saint_Laurent_spring_summer_2013_collection4Saint_Laurent_spring_summer_2013_campaign6Photos courtesy of Yves Saint Laurent

By Fashioniser