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bahamas-mushacayWelcome to Bahamas!

Musha Cay is the most luxurious private resort in the world and in the opinion of many experienced travelers – the most beautiful one as well.

Only 85miles from Nassau, your paradise lays hidden in Southern Bahamas, Exuma Chain. During the day enjoy 150 acres of sugar sand and over the night into millions of star above you. Spectacular views and experiences on every step.

musha-cay-at-copperfield-bay-photo-171133-fbahamas-mushacaybahamas-mushacayYour private getaway can host maximum 24 people (served by Staff of 30) and 7 outstanding beaches guarantee total privacy.

Whether you search for relaxation, romance or active holiday, high-end service will meet your all needs from active water sports, jogging, tennis courts, scuba diving (and much more) to relaxing massages and spa.

bahamas-mushacaybahamas-mushacaybahamas-mushacayDuring the evening romantic dining setting will make your holiday romance unforgettable.
bahamas-mushacaymusha cayFashion & Style GuruF&S Gurubahamas-mushacayF&S GuruF&S GuruFor this extraordinary experience you will need 19.750Euro ($25.0000) up to 35.550Euro ( $45.000) depending of number of guests and time of the year.