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P1050082Multifarious city, modern, pulsating, young, royal and aristocratic concurrently.  Paris – legislator of fashion, glamorous and stylish.

IMG_9113To be honest, I love Rome more. And you know why? For walking, my eyes met downright elegant people, stylish in your life with a fine sense of their own appearance. Paris in everyday life is not Paris catwalks and fashion weeks.

P1050222 It is not Paris and the big designers. Here tourists and the local population are not different – equally dressed sporty and comfortable, like everyone in the city of love, went out for sightseeng

P1040953DSC02010 P1050057The camera I looked in vain for an outstanding representative of street fashion, but alas., But found myself very typical and nice shots of Paris.

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Whatever you mention, this beautiful city  have a style and creates lasting memories does not let you to forget. There is a history and there are new stories that I read when I was in Paris. Here, as everywhere in the world, you can find a line of Japanese to the Louis Vuitton boutique. DSC05519Here, as everywhere in the world you can contemplate the charm of the street of designer stores – Avenue Montaigne, and here you can set a cultural event or party you have to attend, because Paris offers a huge selection.P1050074 P1050078 P1050084 P1050083

For me, Paris is especially the city for gourmet tourism. You can walk without purpose and direction, but always you come to the right place, whatever that may be.

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From the streets of beautiful  latin quarter neighborhood stopped at each landmark cafe or restaurant, imbued with the spirit of the Parisian bohemians.



P1050028Wherever you decide to sit and enjoy the elegant and delicious dishes in different restaurants, you will not feel a tangible difference in the quality of food.

P1050044 Café de Paris – one of the oldest restaurants where celebrities are indulging his hedonism. In the week of my stay in Paris.

P1050204 P1050189P1050240 P1050242IMG_9028P1050258 P1050231 P1050249

I was lucky enough to experience the night of music in Paris. The whole city was filled with musicians, amateurs or professionals, enthusiasts or just tourists who sound the evening and night, and made the experience of this night unforgettable.

And always you can have fun, a lot of fun and enjoy the life:)

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