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icecreamleadIn case you weren’t aware, July is National Ice Cream Month. We hardly noticed because we’ve been too busy trying to keep up with all of the latest fashion shows and style trends from the past month. But now that the dust is starting to settle on that, we can focus on the more important things in life: like the sugary summer treat that hits the spot when it’s scorching out. Look at this:-)

Maybe it’s because we still have shows from Paris and Milan on our mind, but we were wondering what would happen if some of the most-lauded fashion designers had the chance to turn their talents to the world of frozen treats. So we let our imaginations (and sweet tooths) roam and came up with the following fictional flavors. From recognized names like Lanvin to cult favorites like Supreme, check out 12 High-Fashion Ice Cream Flavors From Popular Designers.qdnxs_brrberrylondon_640513

Brr-berry London

Ingredients: Khaki-colored Salted Caramel ice cream “checked” with stripes consisting of red raspberry, black blackberry, and white vanilla stripes in the shape of Burberry’s recognizable plaid.


Thom Brownie

Ingredients: American style Neopolitan-three stripes of Blue Cotton Candy, White Vanilla, and Red Velvet, mirroring Browne’s own grosgrain stripe, with tiny brownie pieces shaped like hardbottom brogues mixed in.



Ingredients: French Vanilla ice cream with a solid chocolate “cap toe” at the bottom of the pint.


Junya Mintanabe

Ingredients: A deconstructed Junior Mint—instead of mint filling inside a hard chocolate shell the ice cream is mint flavored on the outside with one big solid chocolate “pit” ball on the inside, like an avocado. Also, you eat it from the skinny side of the pint towards the top.


Alexander Meringue

Ingredients: Light, lemon-meringue flavored sorbet inside all-black genuine leather pint to give it a little bit of rugged flavor.



Ingredients: Chocolate cheesecake flavored ice cream with white candy stars and numbers mixed in. When you open the pint, five stars are neatly arranged in a round pattern like this T-shirt.


Cookies & ‘Preme

Ingredients: Limited-edition White Chocolate ice cream mixed with red-colored Oreo cookies. When you get to the bottom of the pint it kindly reminds you to “Go Fuck Yourself, Fatass.”


Jil Sanderwiches

Ingredients: The ice cream sandwich goes minimal with no holes in the wafers and a layer of ice cream as thin as the wafers on both sides.


Cone des Garcons PLAY

Ingredients: Looks like vanilla, tastes like a waffle cone. Costs $100 a pint., with mini-candy pieces of Filip Pagowski hearts mixed in.


Balmond Crunch

Ingredients: Almond-flavored ice cream with toffee “motocross tracks” throughout, inspired by their jeans.


Maison Martin Marshmallow

Ingredients: One giant marshmallow with bits of marshmallow flavored ice cream inside.


Jeremy ButterScottch

Ingredients: Graham cracker pieces in honey flavored ice cream, with little candy pieces modeled after Bart Simpson’s head modeled after this Jeremy Scott sweater.