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DSC02174Called a sea of milk the unique beauty off the coast of Lefkada. Incidentally this is an interesting place for romantic experiences, even if it is with the family and kids. Here, there will take you to the next series. The island’s atmosphere  is somewhere between Italian attraction  and Greek air charm.

DSC02186 DSC02076Overwhelmingly influenced by Italy with small beautiful, colorful town,s dotted with neat houses in a different colors, as if intended to be recognizable from a distance. Small taverns with rich and very tasty and fresh food, mostly gift from the sea. And just to let it affect is from Italy, Lefkada remains a very emitting Greek island of hedonism.

DSC02385 DSC02317Capital Lefkas is a small town with many and various pleasures. If they tempt  a market, you got it – from any Greek souvenirs made bold to shopping for some designer brands. If you are a lover of ice cream and frozen milk with the incredible wealth of the finest tastes dressing – this is your place, will be lost. If fish specialties are your greatest temptation – here  will surely remain a sinner:)

IMG_1715 But, back to the trip and swimming in a sea of ​​milk. Here is the beach, elected the 10th place in the world of 2013 for beauty, purity, uniqueness – Porto Katsiki or otherwise coast of goats. Difficult to access by land, mainly at sea with boat or yacht – beach that will really fulfill your senses with beauty in abundance. White pebbles on the beach and unparalleled color of the water, make your own. Besides this beach is near similar one and did not concede a beauty – Egremni. These are places that one should not miss, at least in this adult life.

DSC02181 Shipping magnate Aristotle Onassis not randomly chosen to purchase 3 islands around the coast of Lefkada, where together with his favorite opera singer Maria Callas and friends to spend holidays, later with his wife Jackie Kennedy Onassis. Skorpios, Sparti  and Skorpidi – green paradise in the turquoise water.

DSC02176 If there is paradise, part of it is here.  After his death Aristotle Onassis has a place in Skorpios, his private island in the Ionian Sea. Surfers love Lefkada island, because creates excellent conditions for their sport. In the south of the small town of Vassiliki, after 3h after lunch, the sea can be seen hundreds of windsurfers. Here again, in the southern part of the cliff on the island because of unrequited love, the sea threw herself and her death the most famous female homosexual – the ancient Greek poet Sappho.

DSC02239 DSC02281 DSC02271Exotic in the heart of the world – Europe, south of Corfu, you come within the definition in a completely different world, beautiful, calm and smiling. But that’s not all. By day cruise you can see the island of Odysseus (for all who have loved history at school and know ) – Ithaca.

DSC02368 DSC02225 DSC02217 DSC02213 DSC02208 DSC02207 DSC02201 DSC02206Romantic, really, but the island that fascinated me is Kefalonia. It is the same group of islands, and for film fans will recall that this is the eponymous island in the movie “Captain Corelli’s Mandolin “.  Captain Corelli’s Mandolin explores many varieties of love. Love is described by Dr Iannis as “what is left when the passion has gone”, and it certainly appears that this criterion is fulfilled by the love of Corelli and Pelagia. The paternal love of Iannis for Pelagia is also strong and is heavily compared and contrasted to that of Corelli. I will not describe it, you should see it. He takes over as soon as you step on the beach in the oldest town – Fiscardo. Amazing place.

DSC02368 DSC02338 DSC02367 DSC02306 DSC02297 If I were an artist, I live here and would never be able dase saturate the colors, sights and contrasts offered by this magical place. But enough already, again because I wanted to be there. And my vacation is over, at least for now.

DSC02293 DSC02284DSC02382 Friends did i throw a bit temptation in you ? Do not waste time, grab the bag, a favorite book, board to surf, friend, lover, or just your credit card and assumes there. And then to tell.