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PAP_FW13_AdCamp_DP_01.jpg.fashionImg.mediumThe king of elegance says in winter we will wear black and white. To have a style and a perfect look follow the fashion rule to combine the eternal colours.

PAP_FW13_AdCamp_DP_10.jpg.fashionImg.medium PAP_FW13_AdCamp_DP_02.jpg.fashionImg.medium PAP_FW13_AdCamp_DP_03.jpg.fashionImg.medium PAP_FW13_AdCamp_DP_04.jpg.fashionImg.medium PAP_FW13_AdCamp_DP_05.jpg.fashionImg.medium PAP_FW13_AdCamp_DP_06.jpg.fashionImg.medium PAP_FW13_AdCamp_DP_07.jpg.fashionImg.medium PAP_FW13_AdCamp_DP_08.jpg.fashionImg.medium PAP_FW13_AdCamp_DP_09.jpg.fashionImg.medium

Photo from the Fall-Winter Ready-to-Wear campaign by Karl Lagerfeld with models Ashleigh Good, Chiharu Okunugi and Soo Joo.
Collection now available in boutiques and on chanel.com.

Photos Cortesy of Chanel.com