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belye_bruki-3White pants -a fashion trend, that  can make almost any outfit look light and fun or classy and stylish for all seasons. Wearing white pants, your look is more sophisticated.



No more fresh colour than white. Never hesitate to chose it for your daily look.

how-to-wear-white-pants-white-jeans-white-top-2White pants always look chic and fresh, wear them into fall with a pointy heel, cropped jacket, and jewel toned sweater. Come winter, try them with a pair of riding boots and a heavy cream turtleneck. Or pick up a wide leg pair and wear them with a cropped navy sweater.tumblr_m3b6fpMbjF1rulg6zo1_12801 tumblr_m43gc2IAXo1r2nhquo1_500 way-to-combine-masculine-feminine-Navy-+-White-+-Polka-Dots white-inwear-jeans-white-chiffon-long-choies-blazer_400 c9e7e6f6ff15ea6f10a4e7a601d3773e cakecutting-3

style-me-friday-how-to-wear-white-jeans1 White-Top-and-Jeans-450x600In general if you have a good taste to combine the white pants with the top, if you can improvise and interpret the colour harmony, for sure you look fabulous in your own individual way, right?