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1382457966957016Here we return with a new HO.PE. appointment. Today we tell you about the home of Bibo, Gigi, Tatì and Nora.

1382458306343512113824583065207651 13824583068090899 13824583069559491He architect, she manages Cavalli e Nastri, the Mecca of Milan’s vintage lovers. More than house we would love to define it as nest, in fact there are many similarities, the tactical study and pragmatic method that makes the most of each space, extracting often small and romantic niches inside the house, but still very intimate corners.

13824583061732011 138245830709429 138245830666504 13824583072584381 Here certainly does not lack taste, and even the sense of freedom, which is perceived by the vastness and differentiation of objects scattered about the house, we go from flea market, art, collectable from aspects to individual eccentricities objects. Bibo and Gigi have collected and settled down piece by piece a work of art, their home. Enjoy!