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_woman_fw_2013_14__26_651076551_north_552xANIMALIER STYLE

_woman_fw_2013_14__27_968575224_north_552x_woman_fw_2013_14__11_995836969_north_552xThe animalier style is one of every woman’s luxurious dreams. Ermanno Scervino created a marvelous variety of animalier print pieces, like the couture fur coat with leo prints, the iconic fur headscarf and the black double-breasted wool coat with fur collar. The sophisticated pencil skirt with split is matched with a super soft angora sweater with swarovski embellishments. The glamorous attitude of animalier print accessories complete the look.


_woman_fw_2013_14__02_223223690_north_552x _woman_fw_2013_14__05_415606174_north_552x _woman_fw_2013_14__07_571318287_north_552x _woman_fw_2013_14__09_698830670_north_552xErmanno Scervino celebrates the juxtaposition between masculine and feminine suggestions and creates fabulous waistcoat dresses, drawing inspiration from the men’s tailoring. _woman_fw_2013_14__15_451433796_north_552x _woman_fw_2013_14__03_130399500_north_552x _woman_fw_2013_14__36_536169909_north_552x _woman_fw_2013_14__23_843565542_north_552x _woman_fw_2013_14__24_569588460_north_552xThe Italian Maison proposes a super chic pied-de-poule dress and a double-breasted flannel mini dress, both enhancing the femininity of each woman.

MOHAIR SWEATERS WITH SWAROVSKI_woman_fw_2013_14__12_773074001_north_552x _woman_fw_2013_14__21_674462854_north_552x

_woman_fw_2013_14__28_903380457_north_552x (1)Ermanno Scervino presented some precious oversized sweaters in super soft mohair wool embellished with sparkling swarovski crystals. The italian maison combines them with feminine satin tops and asymmetrical crepe de chine skirts or with high-waisted trousers with turn-up and flannel brassieres. The perfect style for a glamorous, self confindent woman.


_woman_fw_2013_14__39_663141839_north_552x _woman_fw_2013_14__14_45678903_north_552x _woman_fw_2013_14__16_741599508_north_552x


_woman_fw_2013_14__30_394488733_north_552x _woman_fw_2013_14__25_950111690_north_552x _woman_fw_2013_14__17_932625269_north_552x _woman_fw_2013_14__22_963906757_north_552x _woman_fw_2013_14__13_810969584_north_552x _woman_fw_2013_14__10_795016314_north_552x _woman_fw_2013_14__06_420269276_north_552xErmanno Scervino drew inspiration from the masculine tailoring and designed glamorous double-breasted slim waist coats, enhancing their ultra feminine character with precious fox fur collars and mink fur headscarves. An ultra chic variety of timeless classics.

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