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Madame Peripetie

Fashion photography is a concept or just an art? I think it’s all about the idea and sensations. Conceptual photography  illustrates an idea. Especially in fashion to present some design and to be memorable, you need to have an idea and not only, you need to be so creative that to have a very good idea  that express the essential of the fashion. You have to be blessed to create beautiful shots.

fineart-06 fineart-03 girl,red,conceptual,fashion,portrait,doll-34c707ab3d64f0e874bf7529802ac002_h

You pass few important steps, because the perfect idea is not enough.  The stage of preparation is the first one than keep you closer to the final result.

Pre-shooting – at this stage you determine the feel you want the public to have, such as, do you want the viewer to be excited, or calm, to feel sad or happy, or should to have a great deal of colours or should they be muted.

Herring-Herring-Fashion-Photography03 Frederik-Heyman-Conceptual-Photography20 Dior-Dress-ModA-le-NA-1 Nashville-Fashion-Photographers-2

Styling  – The stylist is the person who gets the clothes and she contributes greatly to the development of the idea. Her work is to acquire the latest possible fashion clothes that are suitable for the photo session.

Creature_of_fashion_II_by_koukei 1295719875998128 patty-maher-conceptual-photography-10Herring-Herring-Fashion-Photography08

Model CastingCasting of the model is most essential as it is the main factor that determines the feel of the pictures, no matter where and what clothes she will be wearing.

augustbradley9jpg 161 conceptual,fashion,inspiration,photography-0058b11c27f402b90afea6f28ac21821_h The model defines who you are as a photographer and has a person. You are making a statement if you choose a voluptuous or thin model, tall or short, intellectual or not so intellectual. When a photographer chooses a model, he is deciding on how he wants to be judge as a person. Choosing your model is like choosing your friends, because they define you.

8250027-conceptual-portrait-of-a-young-couple-in-elegant-evening-dresses Herring-Herring-Fashion-Photography07 1265_1ema_savahl_editorial_fashion_photographer_best_la_versace_portrait_conceptual_photography_wick_beavers_san_francisco_bay_area_portraits_top_nyc_headshot_photographer_chelsea Conceptual-Fashion-Photography-by-Vadim-Stein-26352344

Makeup & Hair – It is important to give a clear guidance as to what you want to the make-up artist and hair stylist.

Herring-Herring-Fashion-Photography04 toni-garrn1_large

Finely you bring life to your beautiful creation. There are some pieces of the to enjoy:)Conceptual-Fashion-Photography-by-Vadim-Stein-36364 davidslijper4