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NIN_0364.450x675Start following Peter Copping on Instagram (@PeterRicci) and you’ll soon discover that the Nina Ricci designer has a serious thing for interiors. A group of photos of his favorite interiors was his starting point today, and it just goes to show that designers are at their best when they do what they know. This was one of Copping’s strongest collections in a while—alive with intense colors, like the gorgeous iris of a long-sleeve, high-neck silk dress, but quite soft in spirit and mood. Much of it was inspired by loungewear, after all.

NIN_1012.450x675 NIN_0874.450x675 NIN_0804.450x675 NIN_0771.450x675 NIN_0606.450x675 NIN_0628.450x675 NIN_0662.450x675 NIN_0706.450x675The organization of the show loosely followed a woman going about her day: skirtsuits and wrap coats for work, pajama separates in knits backed with leather or silk to relax in when she returns home, and finally cocktail attire and gala dresses for when she leaves again at night. But even when she’s out of the house, the Nina Ricci woman will bring the comforts of home with her next fall. Copping’s double-face coats draped around the body like blankets, and his evening dresses took their cue from the boudoir, be it the unstructured nightshirt shape of a blush-pink frock appliquéd with lace flowers or the bra-strap closure of an LBD patchworked from silk and lace. With a neckline-to-hem inset of sheer black lace, Kati Nescher’s long dress was the most provocative one we’ve ever seen on a Ricci runway. (Side note: Does anyone slink down the catwalk quite like she does these days?) It came as a surprise, but sexy suits this label.

NIN_1080.683x1024 NIN_0061.450x675 NIN_0083.450x675 NIN_0222.450x675 NIN_0195.450x675 NIN_0126.450x675 NIN_0102.450x675 NIN_0246.450x675 NIN_0270.450x675 NIN_0291.450x675 NIN_0319.450x675 NIN_0395.450x675 NIN_0418.450x675 NIN_0520.450x675 NIN_0547.450x675
By Nicole Phelps