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The Dolce & Gabbana Spring Summer 2014 Children’s Wear Collection is Cute and Luxurious with Elements of the Adult Runway Collections.


dolce-and-gabbana-ss-2014-child-collection-08-zoom dolce-and-gabbana-ss-2014-child-collection-11-zoom dolce-and-gabbana-ss-2014-child-collection-12-zoomLa dolce vita, indeed! The spring summer girlswear collection from Dolce & Gabbana is breathtakingly beautiful. Featuring grand prints of ancient Greek columned buildings, pretty Chinese blossom flowers, glittering gold dresses with coin detail belts, gingham swimwear and gorgeous green tropical leaf prints, as well as the traditional black lace pieces synonymous with the designer label.

dolce-and-gabbana-ss-2014-child-collection-17-zoomTim Blanks of Style.com reported that “Gabbana described this collection as ‘an unconscious dream,’ in the sense that the clothes embodied the blend of the real and the irrational that can only be found in dreams.” The ethereal styles combined with the emboldened prints certainly conjure up a dreamlike world. You can imagine little girls wearing these dresses while parading along a promenade or chasing around a flower-filled walled garden.

dolce-and-gabbana-ss-2014-child-collection-16-zoom dolce-and-gabbana-ss-2014-child-collection-14-zoomRosebuds, flowing and floaty bell sleeves and a-line chiffon skirts, as well as shift dresses, were features as seen in the women’s ready-to-wear collection. The yellow silk dress above, with the striking column print, is an exact replica of a womenswear piece. Proving that mini-me fashion is, once again, on the rise/dolce-and-gabbana-ss-2014-child-collection-10-zoom

dolce-and-gabbana-ss-2014-child-collection-09-zoom dolce-and-gabbana-ss-2014-child-advertising-campaign-02-zoom

Similarly to the girlswear collection, the boyswear from Dolce & Gabbana for spring summer 2014 features plenty of mini me styles. From the sharply tailored suiting in classic black and more edgy pastel short combos, to ancient Greek printed T-shirts and tanks tops, even down to the brown leather Gladiator style sandals. It’s just a shame the all-gold suit and pinstripe trousers didn’t transfer into the boyswear!

dolce-and-gabbana-ss-2014-child-collection-63-zoom - Copy dolce-and-gabbana-ss-2014-child-collection-59-zoom - Copy dolce-and-gabbana-ss-2014-child-collection-58-zoom - Copy dolce-and-gabbana-ss-2014-child-collection-55-zoom - Copy dolce-and-gabbana-ss-2014-child-collection-56-zoom - Copy dolce-and-gabbana-ss-2014-child-collection-57-zoom - Copy dolce-and-gabbana-ss-2014-child-collection-52-zoom - Copy

by Dolce & Gabbana