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It’s the freedom to be creative  without boundaries, but it must not be confused with an end-of-year formal exercise at school.

Fashion has to be worn: if you only look at it, it’s lifeless and just a mere exercise! Looking at the #supportnewtalentsfrancasozzani1 pictures I noticed some stunning creations, the result of a research and the development of a concept, but also others that look like an amusing game.Eccentricity without a motivation, without focusing on the real women who will actually wear the clothes.
The front rows at fashion shows are often packed with people that at the end of the week step out of the limelight or that, in order to remain center stage, turn to extreme and absurd strategies. You have to focus on real people and women who wear clothes on different occasions, and not exclusively on the runway.

A true creative doesn’t need to overdo it, but to show that creativity can be useful and can open new roads, and not ridiculous shortcuts! –

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Written on 1st of July 2014

By Franca Sozzani