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AI15_0012_13.jpgMax Mara and Marilyn Monroe, icons of classic chic, beauty and intelligence. The collection’s signature coats are worn seductively with the allure of luxurious beach wraps.

AI15_0030_31.jpg AI15_0024_25.jpg AI15_0018_19.jpg AI15_0010_11.jpg AI15_0000_01.jpg AI15_0003_04.jpg AI15_0004_05.jpg AI15_0008_09.jpgAI15_0019_20.jpg AI15_0032_33.jpg AI15_0039_40.jpgBomber jackets, overcoats, peacoats, sweatshirts; Marilyn’s “me time” menswear classics are reinvented in camel hair, cashmere, alpaca and quilted silk, as are her signature slip dresses, bustiers and pencil skirts. Silhouettes are shrunken or maxi-sized. The luminous colours recall the actress’ famous shoot on the beach.