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dlm_9408For their Dsquared2 Spring Summer 2015 women’s collection, creative directors Dean and Dan Caten infused their fashion design with artistic flair. This was reflected into a lineup with varied shapes, proportions, color combinations and graphic patterns. Here, Spanish fashion influencer Gala Gonzalez talks about her relationship with the art world and poses for the camera, re-interpreting some of the key looks shown on the brand’s catwalk and capturing the collection’s eclectic sprit balancing tomboy edge and couture-like femininity.


How do you think art and fashion connect to each other?

I believe that art and fashion are inherent to one another. They both feed each other creating a wonderful outcome where you can get very inspired from.

Who are your favorite artists and/or what are your favorite art pieces?

I try to consume as much art as I can. I tend to visit various galleries in London to keep updated with the latest trends. However, I’m really pasionate about modern art and all the new forms that it conveys.

What do you think about Dsquared2 Spring Summer 2015 womenswear collection?

It’s a really wearable, happy and easygoing collection. It has charm, its funky and daring. It allows you to have fun at the same time that you feel comfortable with what you are wearing.

What is a must have in your wardrobe?

Skinny jeans, wooly jumpers and hats will be my ultimate combo.

What do you think about influence of social media in fashion?

It’s everything. Given the information era that we live in social media allows us to get in touch with our target markets and publics in a much easier and direct way.

Could you please describe the roadmap to success as fashion influencer?

I wouldn’t say there’s a shortcut. The only secret, if there’s one is hard work and determination in your job. Keeping focus of who you are and what is that you are trying to convey. Don’t try to fool anyone as the publics are way too savvy.

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