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rihanna-by-steven-klein-for-dior-secret-garden-2015-5Rihanna is captured by Steven Klein for Dior Secret Garden 2015 Ad Campaign.

Well, it was worth the wait!

rihanna-by-steven-klein-for-dior-secret-garden-2015-1rs_1024x663-150514071724-1024.Rihanna-Dior-J7R-51415 rihanna-steven-klein-dior-secret-garden-2015-4 Rihanna’s first ads for Dior’s Secret Garden campaign are here, and the star—as you might expect—looks sexier than ever. The singer was announced as Dior’s latest brand ambassador in March (this was big news, by the way, because Rihanna is the first black woman to be tapped for such a role with the iconic French brand).

rihanna-steven-klein-dior-secret-garden-2015-1Shot inside the Palace of Versailles by famed photographer Steven Klein, the ads show Rihanna getting up close and personal with her much-loved Dior Diorama handbag (yep, we’ve spotted the singer carrying around the chic arm candy even before she was named a Dior spokesperson).


rs_1024x663-150514071722-1024.Rihanna-Dior-J8R-51415One photo features the singer running in a floor-sweeping red gown through the Hall of Mirrors (which, not-so-coincidentally, is where she was first spotted shooting ads for the campaign). As reported by the Daily Star UK in March, a New York-based producer on the shoot posted and tagged shots of RiRi on Facebook, revealing the news before the, well, official reveal.

tumblr_nochzc0xrn1qlovlvo1_1280Another shot shows Rihanna in a glimmering silver gown that has her shining bright like a, well, you know. Our takeaway? These ads are stunning, and we can’t wait to see more of what Rihanna for Dior has to offer.

By uk.eonline.com