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The modern fashion influensers run after catwalks to grab the latest fashion trends. Somehow those fashion trends are cool, but not always. And not for all they can be useful. Some people follow blindly the latest  fashion creatures, but  also some of them become looking ridiculous.


The Vogue’s street style photographer Phil Oh note some often maden mistakes like:It is wrong to wear head-to-toe runway looks, Don’t wear something that doesn’t work with your own style, Don’t be self-conscious—just be genuine and etc.

We could continue that is a mistake if you wearing the wrong shoes



or be over accessorized,

mary-kate-and-ashley-olsen-wearing-gowns-at-the-met-galaor to wear fashionable sunglasses that surve only to make shoun your new fashion find, but not usefull at all.


There are a lot of examples, but in general is a big mistake to look trendy, but not stylish and it refered not only to women. Men are also fashion or style victims, who make general mistakes to wear short sleeved shirts with a tie to the office


or still dont want to say ‘NO’ to white socks, but have to:)


I don’t pretend to be at 100% a style guru, but still trying to follow some simple style rules. Most of the time i avoid those fashion mistakes people do following the new trends at every cost. For some of the outfits  i feel don’t suit me or they are away from my personality and style, i just ignore them.

Finely, as Anna Wintour says: “Create your own style… let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others.”